Lender Benefits

Working Together

The title agency’s job should be to advise, communicate and inform the lender, loan officer, and support staff on the necessary actions to clear title issues, problems or concerns that could prevent a transaction from getting to a smooth settlement.  At Excalibur Title, we strive to keep an open line of communication throughout the process.

Maryland Specialists

We specialize in Maryland.  We are focused on doing business in our home state since we opened over a decade ago.  Mortgage brokers, Banks, Lenders and Credit Unions can rely on our experience in Maryland to fit their client’s needs.  We have a unique ability to get things done many national agencies can’t in the same time frame.

Getting title quotes for Loan Estimates, title commitments and initial settlement statements to lenders early in the process is vital to everyone involved.  We work hard to ensure your trust.


Excalibur knows the importance of timing.  We work very hard to make sure lenders receive the information they need during the process from start to finish.  Including providing the title search, insurance binder, closing disclosure, closing package, and funding documents.  We are easy to reach and available to you for whatever you need.  After hours and Saturday closings are available to your borrowers.


 Our agency committed to utilizing technology platforms which enable us to provide greater efficiency, security, and organization with each title order we process. From our title software, database, secure digital storage, encrypted file sharing to our website and online calculators, we have the latest proven reliable tools.

24/7 Online Quotes and Mobile Friendly App:

Whether you are on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device on the go you can get fast easy estimates and print, download, save, edit, share or email them easily for the following needs and more.

  • Instant Title Quotes
  • Loan Estimate Quotes
  • Closing Disclosure Quotes
  • Pre-HUD


Offering services at a fair and competitive cost to your client is a priority.  Use our online quick title insurance quoting system and see for yourself how reasonably priced we are.