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Get A Title Insurance Quote in Minutes with Real Estate Fees Included


Use this calculator and quote tool to get Maryland title insurance and real estate transfer tax rates and more.  In minutes you can have a fast title insurance quote you can print, save, email and share.  Easy to use from a mobile device or desktop and takes only a minute or two.  The rate quote you get will include Maryland recordation “Excise” tax stamps for home buyers and those of you refinancing your property.  You will see a detailed calculation that includes title company fees for closing, settlement, insurance, payoff procurement and other costs associated with buying or refinancing real estate in Maryland.  Please use the calculator anonymously if you choose or login with only and email address to get more detailed estimates.  We have buyer net sheets, seller net sheets, Pre-HUDs, Loan Estimate Quotes and Closing Disclosure Quotes.  It will even calculate estimated monthly payments that include escrows, mortgage interest, Homeowners Association, Home Insurance etc.  Just plug in the information you know or estimate interest rates or loan terms to get an idea what costs will be. 

 Our Calculator Only Takes Minutes To Use!

Keep in mind, our blazing fast quick title quote calculator will generate a result with just the address, purchase price “if applicable” loan amount and a few other quick questions.   Are you a first time home buyer in Maryland?  If so there may be discounts and savings for you based on where the property is located.  Are you buying a foreclosure property?  If so this will take more due diligence on the part of the title company to review prior related documents and status.  There may be a slightly higher fee for this service so if you know its a foreclosure indicate that in your quote request.  


Have Questions?  Want Something In Writing?  Need A Little Help?  Give Us A Call or use Email

In Summary, we love providing a quick and easy online way for you to get the information you need to plan prepare and compare costs.  We would love to audition for the opportunity to work with you and are confident after you compare our total fees with others in the industry the numbers speak for themselves.

While we believe our online estimates are very accurate in most cases, rates are subject to change on a state, county, city level and insurance carriers may change rates too.  It’s our goal to be as accurate as possible.  If you need or want a written quote guaranteed by us to be accurate based on the information you provide we would be happy to do so.  Just give us a quick call or send us an email to get the process started.  It only takes a few minutes either way and we can answer any other questions you think of along the way.  Excalibur serves the entire state of Maryland so don’t hesitate to consider us no matter where you live in the state.   From the beaches to the mountains and everywhere in between, we will be happy to conduct a mobile settlement at a location convenient for everyone involved.  Thanks for using our title insurance and settlement calculator.